407 Main St. Selkirk, MB

About David Moore Law Office

The David Moore Law Office is the product of various law firms established in Selkirk, Manitoba since the early early 1900's and is the continuation of the practice of D.F. Williams,Q.C.

Currently there are two full time lawyers practicing out of the offices in Selkirk, backed up by a full team of lawyers from the established firm of PKF Lawyers operating out of Winnipeg, Manitoba.

About PKF

Pullan Kammerloch Frohlinger (PKF) is a true legal institution in Western Canada having significant community impact and few rivals in the degree it advances entrepreneurship.

They are a law firm who has proven expertise in vast and complex areas of practice. Pullan Kammerloch Frohlinger handles a rich file of subjects in the interests of a wide variety of clients - from young multi-millionaire entrepreneurs fighting U.S. congress, the family disillusioned and trapped in the red tape of immigration, the business owner looking to safely take business to the next level, to the couple agonizing over adoption issues.